Hear the developmental story of the
7 ReBloom Archetypes, and taste
the power of the Soul Seed Coherence Practice.
…as a free gift from my heart to yours!
Gimme a Free Peek!
...for growing and thriving,
for loving and belonging.
Capacities that are waiting to be remembered and re-cultivated.
But systems that harm,
plus personal histories of trauma,
can shut down our intrinsic genius
and cut us off from access to our most
resilient, relational, and resourceful selves.
We can lose touch with inner-clarity and inner-courage,
collective care and knowing that we belong in the circle.
But it’s not too late to rebloom together.
To revive and reimagine
our wildest wisdoms.
To regrow our medicine
and heal our garden –
for ourselves, each other,
and generations to come.
Clarity and confidence at challenging cross-roads
Radical self-trust and epic feelings of integrity
Improved boundaries and more mature negotiation skills
Understanding your unique medicine, the role you’re meant to play in this world, and who you’re meant to play it with
If you have a business: creating more aligned offerings and selling them out with greater ease
Owning, honoring, and receiving your needs (in relationships, at work, in sex… allll over the place)
Experiencing more pleasure, connection and abundance than ever before
Connection to divine guidance and feeling supported by something bigger
Radical healing and reclamation of your power — little by little, from the inside out
A sense of creative choice where there was once only a feeling of stuckness
There are two ways to enroll in the ReBloom Coherence Course:
What’s Included:
7 Deep but digestible video modules on each ReBloom Archetype.
7 Powerful and accessible guided Coherence Practices to center you in your truth.
7 Beautifully designed 20 page Digital Workbooks to guide you deeper with each Archetype.
A digital Coherence Practice Journal for logging your wisdom as it flows in.
7 short audio practices for each individual archetype, and one 50-minute coherence practice that weaves all the archetypes together.
Do the practice away from the screen: in nature, the bathtub, or under the stars.
Includes everything in the Self-Paced Coherence Course,
PLUS 12 live gatherings that feature:
8 Live 90-Minute Round Tables with Rachael and the Hive.
Jam on your questions about each Archetype and receive a variety of insights from various people who’ve walked the path before you. Connect with a super-loving community of others on a journey of post-traumatic growth.
Soulful live music and trauma-informed meditations.
Soothe your nervous system and uplift your heart. Bask in the medicine of being sung to, guided, and supported at the levels of body and spirit during each gathering. Music is medicine... receive it.
4 Live 90-Minute Coherence Practices led by Rachael.
Experience and embody the Blueprints of the 7 ReBloom Archetypes in relationship to any challenge or question you're facing (related to sex, business, money, relationships). Leave feeling centered, clear and radically trusting around your most powerful way forward.
Round Tables are on Thursdays at 1pm PST, March 25 - May 13.
Coherence Practices are on Fridays at 10am PST, April 2, 9 & May 7, 14.

ALL live gatherings are recorded and uploaded to the class portal,
for you to replay anytime you'd like. :)
"The Coherence Practice has been my go-to practice since I was first introduced to it two years ago. I use it to ground myself in my inner truth, wholeness and goodness on a daily basis. The Coherence Practice has supported me through relationship decisions, huge life transitions and the evolution of my career. I can't imagine going through life without it."
-Tiffany Landry, Queer Trauma Resolution Coach
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Generous Payment Plan &
Sliding Scale Options
With honor for the path you’ve walked…
With reverence for your
nervous system’s needs...

And with doable invitations into remembering your deepest knowing…
The Coherence Practice can help you embody
the magic that’s wanting to rebloom in you.
Through engaging a gentle mind-body journey from...
the youngest ages and stages in you, to your most mature potentiality…
This practice is designed to support you in cultivating right-relationship to Life itself…
So that what’s out of alignment

(in your body, relationships, sex life, work,
business, or sense of belonging…)

can re-find its place in the family of things.
“Before the coherence practice, I found it so hard to make big decisions: I would waffle and go into anxiety, and finally throwing myself in one direction or the other, just to make it stop. When I drop a topic into the coherence practice, I always come out the other side with more inner knowing, more trust and more wisdom. The practice has allowed me to align fully with myself, and to understand that the seemingly small whispers inside ("go outside! take it slow. dance") are actually guideposts for big, lasting change."
- Lynn Wolfbrandt, Holistic Sexuality & Embodiment Coach
You love all things science meets soul
You work with clients who have trauma, or you’re healing your own trauma, and need a simple but powerful way to connect with your resiliency, rather than only ever relate to what’s difficult or hard
You’re burnt out, yet still believe there’s gotta be a way to honor both your body and soul in this capitalist world… but can’t quite figure out a formula
You possibly identify as a witch, wizard or ancestral wild one? (Or secretly want to… ;)
You’re ready for a practice you can commit to that will grow power and trust in you from the inside out
You find belonging with others who are here to unlearn systems that harm, who believe together is better, and who fantasize about starting a village on the land
You’re seeking a path of radical growing up (in your own life, your relationships and the culture at large) for the sake of enjoying deliciously grown up things (like the most pleasurable sexy love, more than enough cash in the bank, joyful soulmate collaborations, and work that’s fully aligned and enlivening...)
You want a method for finding abundant clarity amidst challenging crossroads, whether those crossroads are related to love, sex, money, business, work, your body, or any sort of relationship
“The Coherence Practice is like having a council of elders available to you at any time. It has helped me to hone my intuition, make difficult choices with more ease, and find the resonant thread of truth amidst complex situations.”

Kelsey Gustafson, Embodiment Facilitator
& Trauma Resolution Guide
“Instead of seeking answers outside of myself, I'm feeling and looking within and discovering an abundance of wisdom and truth.  The Coherence Practice helps me come into alignment when hope and clarity seem lost. It is potent and powerful; a practice I do not want to live without.”

Laura Lommers, Holistic Sexuality Coach
"The Coherence Practice has lovingly and powerfully created a bridge to the forgotten parts of me. With its help, I am remembering my worthiness and aliveness, and have a deep sense of trust with myself. Life-changing!"

Phuong-Thao MacLeod, Embodiment Coach
“I regularly do the coherence practice to see which areas of life are aligned and which need my attention. The affirmations direct me to my wholeness - so even when I'm out of alignment I have a 'map for coming back home to myself. The practice offers me simplicity while being easy to do yet incredibly effective - I highly recommend it!”

Catherine Hale, Sexuality, Empowerment and Trauma Resolution Practitioner
“Wow, the Coherence Practice is super powerful. It has allowed me to quiet my inner critic, connect with my heart, and align with my true nature – bliss.

Joyce Oladipo, Sex & Love Coach
Meet The Creator:
Rachael Maddox

Trauma Resolution Author, Educator & Guide, Creator of the ReBloom Coach Training
Hey beloved,

After helping hundreds of humans move from trauma to trust in sex, love, work and money... I've learned something inconvenient but true:

This shit doesn't come easy. It requires practice.

As someone who's walked a path of post-traumatic growth myself, I also know just how tender the territory can be.

I know what a difference it makes when your guide is invitational and consensual, rather than pushy or hyper-positive.

And I know what a relief it is when you can show up to a simple but powerful practice again and again, and slowly but surely, be transformed by the gentle repetition.

If you're seeking a solid practice led by a seasoned guide...

If you're ready to hear and follow your most brave, embodied guidance...

If you're longing for your next big moves to be made from a place of inspiration and power, rather than fear, frozeness, or panic...

I invite you to join the ReBloom Coherence Course!

The garden is full of radical love and care. I'll meet you there. We can practice reblooming together.
“The Coherence Practice is one of my most treasured practices! When I first did the practice, I felt such a powerful connection to the divine spirit within me and all living things. The affirmations have become more than just affirmations, they are a cosmic map, a litmus test for where I'm not in alignment with my soul's truth and body's wisdom. The Coherence Practice has brought me immense joy (which is radical in itself), empowered clarity and whole body-mind-spirit liberation and truth.."
- Denise Chang, Decolonial Trauma Resolution Guide
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Generous Payment Plan &
Sliding Scale Options
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In-Full or With

Generous Payment Plan &
Sliding Scale Options
Kelsey Gustafson

Mythic creatrix and embodied nervous system wizard

Jodi McLaren

Resident singer-songwriter and queer joy sharer

Denise Chang

Decolonial trauma alchemist with a heart of gold

Jo Tucker

Seasoned guide with deep wisdom vibes

Ann Nguyen

Pleasure queen and sage leadership advisor
Jennifer Sterling

Gentle, wise truth-seer and highly experienced somatic specialist

Tefany Santana

Authenticity maven and down-to-earth brilliance
Elydé Arroyo

Keeper of ancestral medicine, and wild laughter, too

Tanya Gillies

Community ring-leader, lover of togetherness

Bear Hébert

Practical, radical guide with an infinitely compassion approach

Is this course open to any gender?
What tips do you have for taking care of yourself throughout this program, considering the territory of trauma resolution?
I’m in the middle of a big life crisis. Does your team offer additional support if I need more help?
Do I need to be a coach or therapist to take this course?
How are the calls hosted and what happens if I cannot attend live?
I already do a lot of practices, do I really need another one? What makes this practice so special?
What are the 7 ReBloom Archetypes and what will they help me with?
Are there scholarships available?
My identity has been traditionally marginalized by the dominant culture. Is this a safe space for me?
How will you keep the community group space safe and avoid it being overwhelming and/or traumatizing?
What is your refund policy?
Is there a facebook group or some kind of online chat community?
Which class is right for me? Self-Paced or Live Community?
How much time should I set aside per week for the Live Community Course?